Back Pain Treatment

Almost everyone is affected by back pain during their life. Back pain can be either acute or chronic and may develop into muscle spasms and excruciating pain. Sciatica is a well-known related condition. Back pain is the most common reason for seeing an Osteopath.

The possible causes of back pain are numerous. They include poor posture, bending or twisting awkwardly, being seated for long periods of time, lifting heavy objects, repetitive muscle movements throughout the day and even slouching on a sofa. Muscular sprain and strain as well as ‘wear and tear’ can also be contributory causes of back pain.

Back pain will sometimes improve of its own accord. If back pain persists and is seriously affecting an individual’s ability to cope with their daily activities, the intervention of an Osteopath may be beneficial. An Osteopath’s treatment plan will usually include the introduction of manual therapies such as massage, mobilisation and manipulation.

Back Pain