What To Expect

Your initial appointment will usually have four parts. They are:

  1. Reviewing your medical history and lifestyle to understand fully any underlying causes of your condition.

  2. Undertaking a full physical examination which may require you to undress to your underwear so that the clearest possible understanding of your condition can be achieved.

  3. Communicating to you a diagnosis of your condition which may include possible causes and a prognosis for you.

  4. Providing you with hands-on treatment which will frequently include a range of appropriate osteopathic techniques to provide possible pain relief and an increase in your range of movement in the affected area.

If it is clear, upon full examination, that osteopathic treatment is not appropriate for your condition, you will be referred to your GP or a relevant specialist.

Frequently Asked Questions

A referral from your GP is not required if you are paying for your own treatment. If, however, you are paying for your treatment through private health insurance, then you may firstly need to contact your GP. In some instances, more information may be required about your medical history. If so, the Osteopathy Clinic may need your consent to contact your GP for further information.

The Osteopath will need to undertake a full physical examination. This will probably require you to undress to your underwear. Please feel free to bring shorts and a vest top if you would feel more comfortable in these clothes rather than in your underwear.

In the majority of cases, osteopathic treatment will not hurt and will not intensify any existing levels of pain. However, some techniques used by the Osteopath may cause minimal discomfort and you may feel a little sore after treatment. This is a healthy and perfectly normal response to treatment, especially if your muscles have been tense for a while. It is generally an excellent idea not to undertake any strenuous activity too soon after treatment.

The number of appointments required will depend on the nature of your condition and your body’s powers of healing. The Osteopath will discuss their assessment with you at your initial appointment and provide you with an indication of the number of appointments that are likely to be required. They will put forward a treatment plan for your improvement and recovery. You should allow up to one hour for your initial appointment. All subsequent appointments will be about 35 minutes.

Payment should be made in cash or by cheque. Unfortunately, card payments are not accepted.

Osteopathic treatment
Osteopathic treatment