About Osteopathy

Back Pain


Osteopathy consists of two components: ‘Osteo’ and ‘Pathy’. ‘Osteo’ refers to bone and ‘Pathy’ refers to disease. It is a complementary medicine used in healthcare and healing which is non-invasive and does not use pharmaceuticals. Osteopathy mostly concentrates on the musculoskeletal system in the body, which comprises muscles and bones. It has a positive effect on the body’s circulatory, nervous and lymphatic systems, while focusing on joints, ligaments and tendons. Osteopathy has become a very popular form of healthcare. People with muscular and joint pain often come to see Osteopaths as their ‘first port of call’.


Osteopaths treat the body in a holistic way. They do not focus solely on the pain area because, in many cases, the source of pain is not the problem area.  Osteopathic treatment helps reduce pain and increases mobility of joints. Osteopaths frequently treat patients that are experiencing back pain, neck pain or other joint pain. During treatment, Osteopaths use a variety of techniques, all of which are hands-on.  Many Osteopaths also practise Craniosacral Therapy and Western Acupuncture.

Neck Pain